Scott joined Ignition Partners in 2016 and splits his time between being an investment partner and an operating partner.  As an investor, he focuses on vertical SaaS, intelligent apps, cloud technologies, devops, IoT, and cybersecurity.  As an operator, he works across the portfolio to help companies identify and win customers and partners on a global scale.

Prior to joining Ignition, Scott led Microsoft Ventures startup engagement and global accelerator program. Before Microsoft, Scott spent 15+ years working at global investment banks first in equity research and then leading the technology innovation teams in IT. Scott started his career running finance and strategy at a growth stage telecom services company.

Scott has worked at the intersection of technology and finance starting with the Telecom Act of ’96, the TMT rise and fall, the open source revolution, and the beginning of the cloud era, which has placed him at the forefront of how software-defined infrastructure, devops, advanced analytics, cyber, and digital transformation are changing our notion of the tech stack and how enterprises source and consume solutions.  And through it all, Scott has been an advisor, operator, investor, and equity analyst, and has worked with startups, incumbents, investors and company builders. Scott has led large teams, built programs, owned the P&L, and been an individual contributor. What he likes most is building something new, working with smart, talented and passionate people.