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Symplified is an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution that enables IT organizations to simplify user access to applications, regain visibility and control, and meet audit and compliance requirements.Visit us on the web at

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An enterprise cloud platform for your mission-critical applications and services. The benefits of the cloud and an enterprise-grade platform with unprecedented levels of security, availability and performance.


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WHIPTAIL is an independent manufacturer of cost-effective solid-state storage arrays that drastically improve the scalability and performance of computing applications such as virtualization, databases, financial trading and email. The Whippany, New Jersey company is currently the acknowledged leader in extremely high performance, solid-state storage arrays for the commercial, enterprise and government markets.  WHIPTAIL’s storage arrays are installed worldwide.


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Xeround offers an elastic, always-on cloud database, available for both public and private clouds. Xeround’s database-as-a-service (DBaaS) simplifies the way databases are ran and managed in the cloud. Xeround provides auto-scaling (out/in), high availability guarantee, geo-distribution, and more — all in a simple, easy to use, database service. Xeround Cloud Database is an ACID compliant, relational database solution that was designed natively for the cloud environment. It is initially offered for MySQL applications running on Amazon EC2, Rackspace and Heroku. Additional SQL front-ends and cloud providers are being added soon.


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Zenprise develops and markets mobile management software that empowers companies to manage and secure their mobile infrastructure and transform enterprise mobility into a competitive business advantage. Our award-winning Zenprise MobileManager™ software is the first all-in-one platform with monitoring, device management, security, and expense management for BlackBerry, Google Android, iPhone, iPad, Palm and Windows Mobile devices

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