Mobile Discovery App Trover Gets Lists And Smarter Search, Engagement Up 300% Since Last Year

Written by on August 10, 2012 in Press & Events

Tech Crunch 8/9/12 -

Mobile discovery app Trover has always been a bit under the radar, despite having a very compelling product and high-profile investors like General Catalyst Partners, Ignition Partners and Benchmark Capital. The service, which is available for iOS and Android, just completed its latest round of feature updates that brought lists, full-screen browsing and better search to the app, moving it more toward being an entertainment app and not just a visual directory service. In addition, Trover today announced that, after it started to add some of these new features over the last few weeks, its visitors now average 27 page views per session. That’s a 35% increase over last month and a 300% increase compared to a year ago. On average, its users now open the app 2-3 times per week.

Since launching the lists feature a few weeks ago, the number of new lists created each day has now doubled, says the company. At the same time, the number of photos added to these lists by the service’s users has tripled.

When it launched, our own Leena Rao described Trover as “Yelp meets Instagram meets Foursquare because the combination of observation, location, as well as high-quality photo content.” For the most part, that’s still true today and if anything, the new full-screen browsing mode now does an even better job at highlighting images from Trover’s users.

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