Hyperlocal news platform DataSphere raises $8 million

Written by on March 13, 2012 in Press & Events

Geekwire, 3/13/2012 –

DataSphere Technologies already helps power the hyperlocal news sites for TV stations owned by Fisher Communications, Gannett, Meredith and others. And now with a fresh $8 million round of new financing the Bellevue company is looking to add even more.

“DataSphere’s dramatic growth trajectory is a reflection of the value it provides to over 100 media partners and tens of thousands of local advertisers,” said Satbir Khanuja, CEO of DataSphere. At this point, DataSphere said that its ads are now targeted across more than 1,900 neighborhoods in the U.S.

Investors in the company include new investor First Analysis as well as existing venture capital partners Ignition Partners and OVP Venture Partners. Total funding in the company, which now employs 420 people primarily in Bellevue and Tempe, Arizona, now stands at $32.5 million.

Read the full article at Geekwire or visit Datasphere for more information.

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