For Mobile Commerce: The Year Of Convergence And Context

Written by on January 19, 2012 in Press & Events


Guest post in Forbes written by John CaronSenior Vice President of Marketing at Modiv Media.

If no one else will say it, I will. Contrary to popular opinion, and what we may want to believe as mobile and retail enthusiasts, consumers have not been buying billions of dollars of products via mobile commerce. The majority of purchases, easily 90% or more, have actually been mobile-enabled e-commerce.  Not mobile commerce. There is a difference. While subtle, it’s extremely important for retailers to recognize the difference because it’s going to change quickly.

Here’s a quick perspective. If you buy a TV via your iPad, is that mobile commerce? In my opinion, no. Yes, a tablet is a “mobile” device, but the experience the purchaser had was with a tablet-optimized website. Ditto for the person who bought a Mercedes SLR via eBay mobile on their smartphone (for $240,001). This is mobile-enabled ecommerce. Not mobile commerce. For the retail and mobile industries to better understand (and report on the growth of) this crazy thing called mobile commerce, or m=commerce, we need to break it out into three categories

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