BlueStacks Brings 450,000 Apps to a Billion PCs

Written by on March 27, 2012 in Press & Events

San Francisco Chronicle, 3/27/2012 –

After 3-month alpha test attracts a million users and a Best of CES award, company releases beta-1 version of “App Player”

BlueStacks announced the availability of the beta-1 version of its App Player for PC today. The software supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, and enables Android apps to run in windowed or fullscreen mode on PC.

The beta-1 version incorporates the company’s patent-pending Layercake technology. Layercake enables Android apps to run seamlessly on x86-based PCs. This includes apps written for the ARM processor like Angry Birds Space and Fruit Ninja, as well as apps that use hardware graphics acceleration. These latter capabilities were not part of last year’s alpha test version. Apps designed for high-end tablets that use graphics-intensive engines such as Unity can also run on the new platform.

Read the full article at the San Francisco Chronicle or visit Bluestacks to download the app!

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