A Big Day for Bromium, and a Bold Step for Humanity

Written by on September 20, 2012 in Press & Events

Press Release 9/19/12 -

Today Bromium announced general availability of our first product, Bromium vSentry.

Shipping v1.0 is a huge accomplishment for any startup.  This is no less true for the incredible team at Bromium who took a neat prototype and a bunch of cool ideas and transformed them into a superbly engineered product that is a joy to use.   vSentry was the most compelling reason for my switch back to Windows, where I’ve always been more productive – and now am much more secure.   But this GA is also a little scary.  In addition to the usual “opening night jitters” (will customers like it?) we at Bromium are also trying to move the world forward – toward a better, more secure systems architecture.  That’s a significant challenge for a small team, and one that we don’t take lightly.  vSentry marks a bold step forward for humanity by enabling our computer systems to better deal with our human nature.   Our social structure embraces “relative trust” and we automatically practice the principle of “need to know”.  We also make mistakes.  vSentry allows us to be human when we use computer systems, protecting us even when we make mistakes.

We at Bromium want to help IT to get back to its core charter: enabling users to be productive and empowering them to collaborate, communicate and embrace cloud delivered applications – without risk.   The right path forward for enterprise IT is one in which IT has full dominion over the enterprise presence on any device – data, applications and access to infrastructure –  and can protect the enterprise from the unwitting consequences of sharing the device with an increasingly empowered (but easily tricked) user who demands unfettered access to the consumer web, social applications and content.

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