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Cloud startup Tier 3 raises $10 million

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Geekwire 9/28/12 -

Tier 3, a Bellevue upstart that helps businesses manage IT infrastructure in the cloud, has raised $10 million in new financing. Backers of the 50-person company include Ignition Partners and Madrona Venture Group, two of Seattle’s most prominent venture capital firms.

Intel Capital, the venture arm of the semiconductor giant, led the round.

“We are big believers in the enterprise cloud computing opportunity and Tier 3 continues to make strong progress on product and market leadership in this area,” said Madrona’s Matt McIlwain. “With $10 million of new capital they will continue to aggressively invest to take advantage of the market opportunity.”  Tier 3 often gets classified as a “virtual private cloud,” combining both infrastructure-as-a-servive (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

The deal follows an $8.5 million round in the company last year, bringing total funding to $18.5 million. Tier 3, not to be confused with another Seattle area startup by the name of 3Tier, is led by former Limelight Networks, Amazon.com and Akamai employee Adam Wray.

We’ve reached out to Wray for comment about the funding, and we’ll update this post as we learn more.

The venture round is one of the latest for emerging IT infrastructure companies in Seattle, following venture deals for Apptio, Opscode and ExtraHop Networks. Those companies often are overlooked, but they are forming a strong backbone in Seattle’s startup ecosystem, essentially creating a new breed of IT infrastructure companies

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Banking & Finance: Venture-capital firms getting back on track

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PBSJ 9/21/12 -

Propelled by the accelerating evolution of the internet, regional venture capital firms appear to be on track for a standout year after a particularly strong first half.

Current levels of investment in young technology companies echo those made near the internet boom of more than 10 years ago, industry insiders say. The frequency of deals has backed down slightly in the current quarter, but that’s typical of the summer season, said Frank Artale of Ignition Partners, the largest firm in the region with $2.5 billion in funds under management.

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Ignition snaps up stake in San Mateo’s SnapLogic

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Geekwire 9/19/12 -

Ignition Partners’ investment pace hasn’t been quite as robust as last year, likely due to the fact that the Bellevue venture capital firm is trying to raise a new early-stage fund. But the firm has uncovered yet another new deal in California, joining Triangle Peak Partners and Andreessen Horowitz in a $20 million round for San Mateo, California cloud integration startup SnapLogic.

SnapLogic’s services are used by companies such as Apptio, Activision and Outback Steakhouse, helping them integrate cloud services and making sure they work in conjunction with legacy systems.

“SnapLogic sits at the critical junction of two of the biggest trends in technology today: cloud computing and big data,” said Ignition’s Frank Artale in a press release. “No enterprise can fully harness big data without a scalable integration platform that combines data from both its cloud and on-premise applications.”

As a result of the funding, Artale has joined SnapLogic’s board. The company is led by Informatica CEO Gaurav Dhillon, an early investor who took over the reins in 2009. Total funding stands at $32.5 million.

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A Big Day for Bromium, and a Bold Step for Humanity

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Press Release 9/19/12 -

Today Bromium announced general availability of our first product, Bromium vSentry.

Shipping v1.0 is a huge accomplishment for any startup.  This is no less true for the incredible team at Bromium who took a neat prototype and a bunch of cool ideas and transformed them into a superbly engineered product that is a joy to use.   vSentry was the most compelling reason for my switch back to Windows, where I’ve always been more productive – and now am much more secure.   But this GA is also a little scary.  In addition to the usual “opening night jitters” (will customers like it?) we at Bromium are also trying to move the world forward – toward a better, more secure systems architecture.  That’s a significant challenge for a small team, and one that we don’t take lightly.  vSentry marks a bold step forward for humanity by enabling our computer systems to better deal with our human nature.   Our social structure embraces “relative trust” and we automatically practice the principle of “need to know”.  We also make mistakes.  vSentry allows us to be human when we use computer systems, protecting us even when we make mistakes.

We at Bromium want to help IT to get back to its core charter: enabling users to be productive and empowering them to collaborate, communicate and embrace cloud delivered applications – without risk.   The right path forward for enterprise IT is one in which IT has full dominion over the enterprise presence on any device – data, applications and access to infrastructure –  and can protect the enterprise from the unwitting consequences of sharing the device with an increasingly empowered (but easily tricked) user who demands unfettered access to the consumer web, social applications and content.

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Ignition bankrolls Ratify to help corporations view network data in one spot

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Geekwire 9/6/12 -

Ratify, a Bellevue startup that’s developing technologies to allow corporations to view network data in one place, has landed $2 million in venture funding from Ignition Partners and Jafco Ventures, according to a SEC filing. The company is led by former Microsoft Vice President Kurt Kolb, who previously led the software giant’s worldwide OEM licensing, anti-piracy and Asia SMB businesses.

Ratify’s tools are designed to help corporations gain better insights into what’s occurring deep inside the network, allowing them to make better buying decisions.

Here’s a description from the company’s Web site:

“The Ratify data analytics platform show who’s using what, when, for what purpose, and how often and paints a detailed picture of how employees are using or not using software.  It compiles all the data related to the activities, performance, and connections between hardware, software, and human beings—the true cost drivers—and then reveals the meaning behind this data in the form of charts, tips, benchmarking, and recommendations.”

That reminds me a bit of Apptio, the fast-growing Bellevue startup that scored $50 million from T. Rowe Price, Madrona and others in March. We’ve reached out to Ratify for more details.

According to the SEC filing, Ignition’s Cameron Myhrvold and Jafco’s Nick Sturiale are serving on the board.

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12 hot cloud computing companies worth watching

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Network World 9/5/12 -

While big-name players such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Verizon and VMware sit atop the burgeoning cloud computing market, an entire ecosystem of early stage startups are looking to stake their claim, too.

Startups rush to the cloud

And why not? As Ignition Partners’ Frank Artale sees it, enterprises are on the precipice of the next major shift in computing and venture capital firms are “very aggressive” in looking for companies that can help customers ease their transition to the cloud.

“Initially this move will create more complexity,” he says. “Companies that can enable the use of cloud, virtual networking and storage will gets lots of attention.”

IN PICTURES: Cloud companies to watch: A product sampler

LAST YEAR’S LIST: 7 hot cloud companies to watch

ALL HYPE? Gartner’s most over-hyped terms in cloud computing

Our list of a dozen such cloud computing upstarts, hailing from locations as far apart as Silicon Valley and Israel, includes those leveraging mobile devices for worker productivity, integrating software-defined networking and provisioning and monitoring cloud-based services. These companies — many of which have been able to get up and running by taking advantage of cloud services themselves — have attracted some $161 million in funding (one snared a $60 million round by itself) and are hungry for more as they look to grow their businesses.


Focus: Optimization of Microsoft Office apps for mobile devices
Founded: 2009
Location: Palo Alto, Calif., with offices in Herzliya, Israel
Management: Former Cisco employees Milind Gadekar (CloudOn CEO) and Meir Morgenstern (CloudOn VP of engineering/operations)
Funding: $26 million from Foundation Capital, Embarcadero Ventures, Rembrandt Venture Partners and Translink Capital
Product availability: Free download available on Apple, Android platforms now

Why it’s worth watching: Ask Milind Gadekar, and he’ll tell you that the workforce of the future will rely even more heavily on mobile devices. But for many workers, the most popular applications they use at their jobs are not optimized to work on mobile devices. That’s where CloudOn comes in.

The folks at CloudOn are aiming to make that mobile workforce more productive with their free app that’s in public beta. The company specializes in optimizing Microsoft Office for use on phones and tablets across a range of mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android, all using a cloud-based service.

Cisco purchased Gadekar’s first startup, named P-Cube, which focused on network optimization for service providers, for $200 million in 2004. After heading up product marketing for the firm, Gadekar left the company three years ago to explore mobile optimization opportunities. That’s when he founded CloudOn with Meir Morgenstern, who led the technical side of P-Cube and now serves as VP of engineering for CloudOn. Within a year of founding CloudOn, Gadekar says the best thing that could have happened to the company did: Apple released its first iPad.

With the release of the tablet, employees started bringing their iPads to work, looking to get access to email and their applications. “This was the exact problem we were trying to solve,” Gadekar says. In January 2011, CloudOn launched a free version of its app, available in the Apple App Store. Within 12 hours it was the No. 1 app in the entire app marketplace, not just in the productivity category where the company placed it. “Since then, it’s been a complete whirlwind,” Gadekar says. CloudOn has launched in 80 countries and in 70 of those it became the top downloaded app within 24 hours of launch. The app is now available on Android devices and in just over seven months it’s been downloaded 1.8 million times. “People are clearly looking for ways to be more productive, to enhance their mobile experience and to have a way to be mobile-centric,” Gadekar says.

CloudOn powers its application using proprietary software developed for optimizing Microsoft Office for use on a gesture-controlled mobile device. On the back end, it leverages file sharing services DropBox, Google Drive and Box, while hosting the software as a service (SaaS)-based application in the Amazon Web Services cloud. The success has fueled the company’s further development. Having raised $26 million through two rounds of funding, the company is aiming to start monetizing the product early next year.

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Video: Frank Artale interview with theCUBE at VMWorld 2012

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theCUBE 8/28/12 -

Video: Frank Artale interview with theCUBE at VMWorld 2012


Apprenda expands NYC focus, will add local staff

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Business Review 8/31/12 -

Apprenda is delaying opening a West Coast office as it beefs up its New York City presence and pursues large public companies with its software product.

With $16 million in venture capital backing the effort, CEO Sinclair Schuller said there is not a compelling reason to open a West Coast office right now. The Clifton Park-based software development firm had initially considered that last year after it secured funding from Ignition Partners, a Washington state venture company.

Instead, Apprenda is focused on building its base of large customers by turning its attention to New York City, Schuller said.

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