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Ignition news roundup — Symplified, Whiptail

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First off, we are surving the 2012 Snowpocalypse. Office traffic is light but folks are here.

On the business front, it was “announced that we led a round”: in “Symplified”: Great company building some pretty essential tools to manage employee identity and engagement across the web, can’t imagine how companies manage their voice and presence without this.

We also “joined the investor group”: behind “Whiptail”:, who build high-scale SSD arrays to replace spinning disks. Spinning disks — seems like we will look back at these in 100 years and laugh, or at least class them as a steampunk kind of gadget.

Excited to work with both companies.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t note Bluestacks CES award and Splunk filing today

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Also of note today is “Bluestacks’”: winning the CES best software award, and “Splunk’s filing”: Congrats to both teams on their progress.

Korrio’s work on sports and head injuries is a good step

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One of the companies in our portfolio, “Korrio”:, is bringing out tools to allow “parents to monitor the brain health of their child athletes”: This is a great step, I wish this had been around when we had young student athletes in the family. You don’t have to dig around very much to see the frightful effects of head impacts in sports, and anything that raises awareness of the issue and provides tools to manage is a very good thing. There is a lot more to do, I’d love to see impact monitors in helmets that track instantaneous and cumulative impact forces, but this is a great first step, awesome to see this work happening.

No time to blog, so here’s a link roundup

Written by on January 11, 2012 in individuals - Comments Off

* “Cutting the Cord on Cable”: Wish I could get there but live HD sports still keeps me stuck to cable/satellite provider. I’ve tried the streaming options and they are weak — poor selection of games/sources (I need ESPN/ABC channels + BTN + Fox Sports channels + upcoming Pac12 network), lots of stutter, not HD content. I will probably be one of the last cable subscribers in the country.
* “Men with deep voices lack sperm”: I was a tenor in choir.
* “Do programming puzzles in interviews work?”: I don’t think I’ve ever asked these kinds of questions, or at least not in 20 years.
* “Gamification sucks”: Respect your users.
* “The Verge”: and “The Wirecutter”: — good tech sites.
* “If you are busy, you are doing something wrong”:
* “10 new-ish programming languages”: WOuld like to learn more about Chapel, haXe, X10, OPA.
* “DSLRs are a dying breed”: Not another “camera phones are going to win” article, but a smarter take on the mirrorless trend.

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