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For Mobile Commerce: The Year Of Convergence And Context

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Guest post in Forbes written by John CaronSenior Vice President of Marketing at Modiv Media.

If no one else will say it, I will. Contrary to popular opinion, and what we may want to believe as mobile and retail enthusiasts, consumers have not been buying billions of dollars of products via mobile commerce. The majority of purchases, easily 90% or more, have actually been mobile-enabled e-commerce.  Not mobile commerce. There is a difference. While subtle, it’s extremely important for retailers to recognize the difference because it’s going to change quickly.

Here’s a quick perspective. If you buy a TV via your iPad, is that mobile commerce? In my opinion, no. Yes, a tablet is a “mobile” device, but the experience the purchaser had was with a tablet-optimized website. Ditto for the person who bought a Mercedes SLR via eBay mobile on their smartphone (for $240,001). This is mobile-enabled ecommerce. Not mobile commerce. For the retail and mobile industries to better understand (and report on the growth of) this crazy thing called mobile commerce, or m=commerce, we need to break it out into three categories

  • Mobile e-commerce: Transacting with an e=commerce site via a mobile device. Examples include: eBay mobile, Amazon mobile, the Tesco app in Korea, and the majority of mobile commerce “apps.”
  • Mobile payment: Payment using the smartphone as the conduit. Examples include: Google Wallet, PayPal, and LevelUp.
  • Mobile commerce (in-store): The ability to purchase physical goods in the store via an app that interacts with the store’s point-of-sale system (and bypass the checkout process). Examples include SCAN IT! Mobile from Stop & Shop, Starbucks Card Mobile app, and Chipotle Mobile Ordering App.

Read more at Forbes or visit Modiv Media for more information.

Ignition Leads $20M Round In Cloud Security And Identity Company Symplified

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Symplified Logo

Techcrunch, 1/18/2012 –

Symplified, which provides identity and access management tools for cloud applications, has raised$20 million in Series C funding led by Ignition Partners. Existing investor Allegis Capital, Granite Ventures, and Quest Software also participated in the financing, which brings the company’s total funding to $38.8 million.

With more than 3.8 million subscribers, Symplified offers a cloud identity and access management service for enterprises. Businesses can use Symplified for cloud identity management, access control, single sign-on for employees, user management and auditing across any access device using a unique proxy gateway architecture deployed either in the cloud or on premises. The company provides secure access to SaaS applications like Salesforce, ADP, WebEx, Xactly, Taleo, Success Factors and many others.

Clients include HP, Blue Shield, ESPN, Forest Laboratories, Moody’s, Zynga, Netflix, Rambus and Dolby Laboratories.

Read more at Techcrunch or visit Symplified for more information.


Ignition Partners bankrolls flash storage startup WhipTail

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GeekWire, 1/18/2012 –

Ignition Partners is continuing its transformation into a national venture capital firm. The latest example is WhipTail, a Whippany, New Jersey company that today announced a second round of venture capital financingfrom RRE Ventures, Spring Mountain Capital and Ignition. The size of the investment was not disclosed. But, as part of the deal, Ignition’s Richard Fade is joining the board.

WhipTail describes itself as an all-flash enterprise class storage array, a solution that boosts storage performance. More than 100 customers are currently using the technology, including inVentiv Health, The Pension’s Trust and Today, AMD announced that it replaced 480 15K spinning drives with WhipTail’s solid-state storage arrays, a move that the companies said will eliminate slow response times associated with the older technology.

 Read more at Geekwire or visit Whiptail for more information

Ignition’s Artale: 2012 is the Year of Cloud Applications

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For all of you who’ve felt like cloud computing is some kind of foreign territory that you might never visit or fully understand, take heart. Ignition Partners managing director Frank Artale, who specializes in the sector, says everyone else has spent most of the past two years just figuring out what in the hell is going on.

“2011 really rounded out the year of the transition in terms of cloud computing from ‘What is it?’ to ‘How do I do it?’ Artale says. “2012 and beyond … is really, ‘Now I know what this is. I know how to do it. So what are the first projects?’”

That’s where the venture capitalist, who led a rapid-fire series of investments upon joining the Bellevue-based firm last year, sees the next round of opportunities in cloud computing.

 Read the full article at Xconomy.

Ignition’s John Connors joins Appsense board

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Geekwire, 1/9/2011 - John Connors, the former Microsoft chief financial officer and current managing partner at Ignition Partners, has joined the board of New York-based AppSense. The virtualization company raised$70 million last year from Goldman Sachs, the first funding round for AppSense.

“John is a trusted expert in the software industry and has an impressive track record of identifying companies with game-changing solutions that significantly impact the way people interact with technology,” said Charles Sharland, AppSense chairman and founder, in a statement.

Read more at Geekwire or visit Appsense for more information.

Hipmunk launches mobile app for booking hotels

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1/9/2011 - Finding a hotel in a place you’ve never been, or at the last minute, can be a stressful experience. Hipmunk, known for its visual flight search, launched a mobile application today, with a really pretty way of booking those overnight stays.

“If at any point the user has engaged in active mental math, then we’ve failed somewhere,” said Danilo Campos, Hipmunk’s iOS developer, in an interview with VentureBeat.

Hipmunk was founded on the idea that booking and taking trips is an agonizing process. Thus, you should be able to choose your flights based on the toll they would take on your psyche. The company’s website recently branched out to include hotel bookings but chose not to take that feature mobile until it had the right visual feel that Hipmunk is known for.

Read more at Venturebeat or visit Hipmunk to download the app.

10 Cloud Startups to Watch in 2012

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1/1/2011 – Appfog, Bromium, Parse and Scalextreme selected to 10 cloud computing startups that have a chance to make it big in 2012…

AppFog is one of a handful of Platform-as-a-Service startups to launch in 2011, but AppFog is unique because it leverages the open-source Cloud Foundry code as its core. The switch to a Cloud Foundry foundation over the summer resulted in a name change from PHP Fog, as the company was immediately able to support numerous new programming languages. Going forward, AppFog can ride Cloud Foundry’s development wave, while focusing its own efforts on building the best user experience.

Little is known about Bromium other than that is plans to use virtualization technology as a tool for securing the myriad endpoints (e.g., desktops, mobile phones and tablets) that connect to enterprise networks. While securing cloud servers, as other startups such as CloudPassage attempt to do, is important, the advent of consumerization means endpoints need security. Among Bromium’s founders is Simon Crosby, who co-founded XenSource and served as virtualization CTO at Citrix Systems.

Parse is trying to become a PaaS specialist for mobile apps, a laudable ambition given how many people now rely on their mobile devices just about everything. It will be difficult to distinguish itself from competitors such as Stackmob, as well as from web-app PaaS offerings such as Heroku and AppFog, but Parse seems to have the right ideas in mind. It has a backend focused on the needs of mobile apps, and a frontend designed for mobile developers that might not have extensive programming chops.

What ScaleXtreme lacks in sexiness it makes up for in functionality. Everyone needs server-management software, but not everyone needs the big, expensive software offered from traditional software vendors, or even wants to manage software at all. ScaleXtreme gives users a cloud-based service to manage both physical and cloud-based servers, and, it says, has also garnered a lot of interest from cloud providers thinking it might be a good value-added service to their users who want more control.

Read the full article on GigaOm.

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