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Hipmunk makes GigaOm’s Favorite Apps of 2011

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12/31/2011 – GigaOm, Ryan Kim

Apps are, at the end of the day, very personal pieces of software. And your favorite mobile app isn’t mine. So we decided to poll the staff here at GigaOM to see what apps changed our lives in 2011. It could be apps that just launched this year, or it could be programs that really came of age or matured greatly through updates. Or it could just be an app we missed before.

Some are very familiar but others may be new to you, but all have played a big part in our lives this year. Take a look and then tell us your favorite app in the comments.

Colleen Taylor: Hipmunk for Android

Android typically takes a backseat to iOS when it comes to getting slick apps. That’s why it’s so refreshing that Hipmunk, the travel search engine, put real time and effort into making its Android appjust as awesome as its web and iOS offerings. Shopping for plane tickets in general can be a real headache, and doing it on a mobile device is usually impossible. But I’ve priced out and purchased plane tickets with this app, and it’s a pleasure to use.

Read the full article at GigaOm or visit Hipmunk to try it out.

Start-Ups Look to Social Gaming to Make Health Care Less of a Pain

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12/29/2011 – WSJ, Timothy Hay

A group of technology start-ups is taking its cue from social gaming, in hopes of relieving companies, doctors and patients of some of the pain involved in managing health care.

The new businesses, staffed mainly by health-industry veterans, have adapted common social-gaming features to help companies motivate their employees to get fitter or to encourage doctors to keep in touch with their colleagues and patients online.

One of the start-ups, Keas Inc., whose clients include Pfizer Inc. and Novartis Inc., offers a gaming platform that allows groups of employees to compete with one another at exercising, eating healthily and taking better care of themselves.

San Francisco-based Keas originally aimed to offer consumers alerts, messaging and personalized information to help them lose weight and adopt healthier habits, but that plan didn’t work out.

“We tried to give people constant feedback about their health, but for a lot of people, more bad news and negative feedback just didn’t work,” said Adam Bosworth, the company’s chief technology officer. “If you keep giving someone negative feedback, they will eventually change the channel to the game channel. One day we decided to become that game channel.”

Read more at The Wall Street Journal or visit Keas for more information.

For Start-Ups That Aim at Giants, Sorting the Data Cloud Is the Next Big Thing

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12/25/2011 – New York Times, Malia Wolan

SAN FRANCISCO — The idea of big data goes something like this: In a world of ever-increasing digital connectivity, ever larger mountains of data are produced by our cellphones, computers, digital cameras, RFID readers, smart meters and GPS devices. The huge quantity of data becomes unwieldy and difficult for companies and governments to manage and understand.

“My smartphone produces a huge amount of data, my car produces ridiculous amounts of really valuable data, my house is throwing off data, everything is making data,” said Erik Swan, 47, co-founder of Splunk, a San Francisco-based start-up whose software indexes vast quantities of machine-generated data into searchable links. Companies search those links, as one searches Google, to analyze customer behavior in real time.

Splunk is among a crop of enterprise software start-up companies that analyze big data and are establishing themselves in territory long controlled by giant business-technology vendors like Oracle and I.B.M…

Read the full article at the New York Times or visit Splunk to learn more.

Congrats to the Forbes 30 Under 30

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12/19/2011 – Forbes, Michael Noer and Caroline Howard

Ignition is proud to be working with many of the founders listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30. Congrats to:

Adam Goldstein and Alexis Ohanian of Hipmunk

Daniel Gross at Greplin

Jeff Hammerbacher at Cloudera

Ryan Amos of Batch

Josh Buckley of MinoMonsters

View the complete list here.

Cloud Database Startup Xeround Raises $9.3M From Benchmark And Others

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Xeround Logo

12/14/2011 – Techcrunch, Leena Rao

Database virtualization startup Xeround has raised $9.3 million in Series C funding Benchmark Capital, Giza Venture Capital, Ignition Partners and Trilogy Partnership. This brings the startup’s total funding to over $30 million.

Xeround offers a cloud database-as-a-service for MySQL-based applications. Currently the service is offered for EC2 MySQL databases, as well as Rackspace-MySQL and Heroku-MySQL applications…

Read the full article on Techcrunch or visit Xeround for more information.

Cloudera upgrades Hadoop management tools, offers free version for startups

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12/8/2011 – Venturebeat, Sean Ludwig

Apache Hadoop-focused management serviceCloudera has considerably updated its Cloudera Enterprise software and will begin offering a free version of Cloudera Manager that startups can use, the company announced this morning.

Cloudera makes it possible for companies like Samsung, Aol and Groupon to manage and mine loads of unstructured and structured data. It provides its own spin on Hadoop’s powerful open-source data management software and couples it with IT support and management tools. With the announcement of Cloudera Enterprise 3.7 today, Cloudera is both helping its customers by giving them a larger tool set for managing Hadoop and giving small companies a chance to use Hadoop for free.

Read the full article at Venturebeat or visit Cloudera for more information


Hipmunk makes Time’s Top 10 Smart-Phone apps in 2011

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12/7/2011 – Time Magazine, Doug Ammoth

Hipmunk takes the traditional flight-search model and turns it on its head, showing flights sorted first by “agony,” then by price and other factors. You’re treated to a grid of at-a-glance info about which flights have wi-fi and which have long layovers, all in a fun, easy to use interface.

Read more at Time or visit Hipmunk for a better way to search for flights!

Cloud Application Services Company Raises $1.4 Million Seed Round

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12/7/2011 – Techcrunch, Sarah Perez

Cloud application services provider has just closed a $1.4 million round of seed funding, led byBaseline Ventures, the same investors who led the seed rounds for Instagram, TaskRabbit, Heroku, Weebly and many others. Additional investors participating in this round are Ignition Partners, Cloud Capital Partners, Citrix Systems, Jonathan Siegel, Matt Ocko, Jared Kopf and Lance White. Steve Anderson, founder of Baseline Ventures, will join’s Board of Directors.

Alongside the funding announcement, also launched its IronMQ service into public beta today., essentially an application infrastructure as a service provider (IaaS), makes multiple cloud application services that work across multiple platforms and clouds. One product is IronWorker(originally called SimpleWorker), a scalable task queue that allows developers to offload front-end tasks and manage their scheduled jobs and background processing. IronWorker launched in January of this year and has now executed over 10 million tasks and supports thousands of jobs per day for the company’s user base…

Read the full article on Techcrunch or visit for more information.

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