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“Batch” May Be The Perfect Mobile Photo Sharing App (No, Seriously)

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11/27/2011 – Uncrunched, Mike Arrington

“…Batch is now in the iPhone app store.

And it is absolutely amazing.

Batch allows people to create albums, called “Batches,” with photos from an event or whatever. Yeah, not so exciting. But it lets you auto upload them as you take them from the app, and you can mass select photos already stuck on your iPhone as well.

That last sentence is the important one. We all have hundreds or thousands of photos on our phones that we’ve never bothered to upload to Facebook or Flickr. Batch makes it exceptionally easy to do that, dozens at a time…”

To read the full article visit Uncrunched or head to Batch for more info.

Travel search service Hipmunk adds Google Calendar integration

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10/25/2011 – Travel search site Hipmunk has added another wonderful new feature to help you book your travel plans: Google Calendar integration. The new integration will allow users to check their flight (or train) listings against their personal schedule within Google Calendar to determine the best possible times to book a trip, Hipmunk announced today.

While other travel search sites allow you to import your travel schedule into Google Calendar, Hipmunk is the first that lets you actually compare flight times with what’s already on your schedule. It’s just one of the many small perks that makes Hipmunk so much more convenient than competitors (like Orbits and Expedia). In addition to Google Calendar integration, Hipmunk aggregates ticket fares from airlines and allows people to sort them by time, price, flight duration, airline as well as “agony” — Hipmunk’s algorithm for discovering the most enjoyable flights.

Read more at Venturebeat

BlueStacks raises cash to run Android apps on Windows PCs

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10/20/2011 – Bluestacks wants to make it easier to get your Android apps, in full-screen mind you, on Windows PCs. And the Campbell, California company just landed a new strategic investment from AMD, Citrix Systems and others to make that vision a reality, bringing total capital raised in the upstart to $14 million. The concept is pretty cool, reminding us a bit of Renton-based Parallels. (You can get a better idea of how it works in the video below).

The three-year-old company is one of the many investments for Frank Artale, a former Microsoft and Citrix executive who now serves as a managing director at Bellevue-based Ignition Partners. “By enabling the user experience across different operating systems and device architectures, BlueStacks has become an integral part of the strategy of large players in the device and operating system ecosystem,” says Artale.

Read more at Geekwire or visit Bluestacks

Travel app Trover makes its Android debut

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10/10/2011 – Trover, the snappy mobile app aimed at letting travelers share photos of their off-the-beaten-path discoveries, now comes in an Android version. Since Trover is only as good as the content its users contribute, expanding to Android is key. The Seattle-based company launched as an iPhone-only application in May 2011, and even though it has a web-accessible offering at, it’s hard to beat the speedy experience of a native mobile app. Since lots of people have Android phones, the amount of activity and content on Trover now stands to get a significant boost.

Trover is not the only app to join the Android party lately: Recent weeks have seen the debuts of Flickr for Android, Hipmunk for Android and word that Instagram’s Android offering is on the near-term horizon.

Trover for Android works just like the iPhone app: It allows users to take photos of things they’ve seen and places they’ve been and share them with friends and neighbors. Entries are automatically geo-tagged to the location in which the photo was taken and overlaid onto a map. Essentially, Trover CEO Jason Karas says, the app aims to catalog the little “discoveries” and hidden gems people find when exploring a certain place — whether it’s a foreign city or their own hometown.

Read more on GigaOm or visit Trover for more info.

Done Deal: Nuance Buys Swype for $100M

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10/6/2011 – There’s a Tegic Communications reunion shaping up in Seattle. Documents filed with the SEC show that Nuance Communications is buying mobile software startup Swype for $102.5 million. As we reported last night, based on a source with knowledge of the deal, about three-quarters of the cash is paid up-front with the balance coming in 18 months—provided Swype’s top executives are still around.

The deal was first reported Thursday night by VC and blogger Michael Arrington. My source also said the two companies haven’t yet figured out how many people from the Swype team will eventually join Nuance, which actually has its Seattle offices in the same neighborhood.

It’s an interesting tie-up for Burlington, MA-based Nuance (NASDAQ: NUAN), which actually acquired the forerunner of Swype when it snapped up Tegic from AOL for $265 million in 2007…

Read the full article on Xconomy or visit Swype for more information.

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