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Travel search Hipmunk launches new Android app

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Hipmunk Android App

Travel and hotel search service Hipmunk launched a new mobile app for Android devices today. Much like Hipmunk’s website, the Android app aggregates ticket fares from airlines and allows people to sort them by time, price, flight duration, airline as well as “agony,” Hipmunk’s algorithm for discovering the most enjoyable flights.

Similar to its iPhone app, Hipmunk for Android’s visual interface optimizes the travel search experience for a mobile device without sacrificing any of the key features that makes the service so desirable to use. The app also lets you see which flights have Wi-Fi access, lets you save searches and sends you directly to an airline’s website or third-party travel service to book your tickets. Hipmunk faces competition on the Android Market from competitors like Travelocity and Kayak.

Co-founded by Adam Goldstein and Steve Huffman in 2010, the San Francisco-based startup has $5.2 million total funding from Ignition Partners, Y-Combinator and a handful of angel investors. The company has a total of 10 employees, including Hipmunk Senior programmer Christopher Slowe, formerly of Reddit.

Read more at Venturebeat or visit Hipmunk to start searching for your next getaway.

Social Media monitoring firm Visible raises $4 million

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Visible Technologies

9/22/2011 – Visible Technologies, the Bellevue company which provides social media monitoring technologies to Boost Mobile, DirecTV, Vail Resorts and others, has scored an additional $4 million in venture capital financing from existing investors. That brings total financing in the company to nearly $50 million, following a $6 million round in March…With former Intelligent Results CEO Kelly Pennock now at the helm, Visible says that sales jumped 71 percent during the first half of the year. The company also has added some marquee customers to the mix, including Walgreens and Y&R.

“As the enterprise moves from passive social listening to active social engagement, we are extending our platform to provide a single solution to monitor, target, prioritize, engage and measure across the breadth of social media,” said Pennock. “This strategic investment reaffirms existing investors’ commitment to our success.”

Read the full article at Geekwire or visit Visible for more information.

Fotopedia Creates A Flipboard Photo Magazine

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For the past year, Fotopedia has been laser-focused on reinventing the photo book for the iPad. Now, with 7 apps and 4.8 million downloads under its belt, it is turning its attention back to its website and creating more magazine-like experiences. Today it is launching Fotopedia Magazine on Flipboard and pushing out a complete overhaul of its website, which is built on HTML5 and designed for tablet and smartphone browsers.

“What we decided was to go to a different level of granularity,” CEO Jean-Marie Huillot tells me, “something that is always fresh, always new, to attract people back to have more engagement.” The Fotopedia Magazine in Flipboard will highlight five photo essays every day, featuring the high-end photographers who contribute to Fotopedia. These stories are told mainly through pictures that you can swipe through, with a paragraph of text and captions. Photo feeds are popular on Flipboard, and in this case Flipboard is creating the new channel from the new @FotopediaMag Twitter feed…

Read more at Techcrunch or visit Fotopedia to find out how to download the app.

Looking to take on Quora, Avvo rebrands as a Q&A site

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9/20/2011 – When former Expedia executive Mark Britton founded Avvo in 2007, the goal was to create an online directory and ranking system of attorneys. The Seattle company continues to offer that service — along with a directory of doctors. But Avvo is now putting a bigger emphasis on its Q&A forum, redesigning its home page to emphasize how attorneys and doctors can solve people’s problems. The company says that its Q&A forums are now attracting about 50,000 questions per month, which means doctors and lawyers are dispensing with advice to users of the site about every 90 seconds.

There you can find questions like: “Does having a medical marijuana card interfere with my green card?” or “Is it true that herpes can be caused by stress/mental not associated with sex?”

In a blog post today, Britton explained why the company is now focusing on its Q&A forums. And he stressed how Avvo is looking to set a new bar for online advice that goes beyond those offerings found on Quora and Yahoo Answers.

Read more at Geekwire or visit Avvo to start asking questions.

Seven Questions for Splunk CEO Godfrey Sullivan

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splunk logo

9/19/2011 – You can’t get very far in any discussion about enterprise technology these days without hearing about “big data.” That’s the notion that there is useful business intelligence to be gleaned from combing through the huge volume of data generated by day-to-day operations in order to learn patterns that tell you things you wish you had known a lot sooner. Measuring customer buying patterns, traffic flows on a highway system and supply chain data are all examples of big-data problems.

Usually the phrase refers to the kind of heavy-lifting computing that involves big databases and specialized software to sort it all out — usually sold by the likes of large, serious software or hardware companies like Oracle or IBM…

Read more at AllThingsD or visit Splunk for more information.

Bezos, Schmidt, Ignition and other toss support behind API marketplace Mashape

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Some heavy hitters in the technology industry are tossing their support behind Mashape, a San Francisco startup that’s building a marketplace for Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. Among the investors in the company’s $1.5 million round are founder Jeff Bezos, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Bellevue venture capital firm Ignition Partners. Other investors include large venture capital firms such as NEA and Index Ventures.

“I believe we’re just at the beginning of our road, I believe the market of APIs just started to take a shape, I believe we’ll have a roller coaster time ahead of us – fun without exceptions,” wrote co-founder and CEO Augusto Marietti in a blog post.

The company likes to describes itself as the “Lego box” for APIs, allowing developers to search its directory to find appropriate apps for specific projects. (Say for e-commerce, games and much more). It currently has 190 APIs available for browsing and research.

The site is still in beta, with some of the features only available to registered users.

Read more at Geekwire or visit Mashape for more information.

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