“Batch” May Be The Perfect Mobile Photo Sharing App (No, Seriously)

Written by on October 27, 2011 in Press & Events

11/27/2011 – Uncrunched, Mike Arrington

“…Batch is now in the iPhone app store.

And it is absolutely amazing.

Batch allows people to create albums, called “Batches,” with photos from an event or whatever. Yeah, not so exciting. But it lets you auto upload them as you take them from the app, and you can mass select photos already stuck on your iPhone as well.

That last sentence is the important one. We all have hundreds or thousands of photos on our phones that we’ve never bothered to upload to Facebook or Flickr. Batch makes it exceptionally easy to do that, dozens at a time…”

To read the full article visit Uncrunched or head to Batch for more info.

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